A Christian look at Canadian politics.

Unplanned Hits Theatres Tomorrow

Because of your prayers, fasting, support and involvement in the Canada Wants Unplanned movement Canada is about to see what sellers of abortion have not wanted it to see: what abortion truly is. 
What a victory!…because of YOU!This truly is a historic week in the timeline of our nation.You, us, together we have come this far.

Together we can ensure Unplanned is a success in the theatres.

Here are 5 easy things you can do this week (and next) to help this movie have the greatest impact possible.

STEP 1: GO & SUPPORT BY SEEING// Let’s break our boycott by going to the movies!Please go to the theatre nearest to you to support Unplanned on opening night (July 12th) or on opening weekend. A strong attendance in theatres will increase the chances that more showings will be added.Please invite others to join you such as your family, friends and even your elected officials (Members of Parliament, MLAs, MPPs, MNAs)! You never know who this film might impact profoundly. Even those who are pro-choice may be interested in attending with you.For a list of theatres showing the movie please visit www.unplannedfilm.com/canadaContinue to check back as the list is constantly being updated.You can also call your local theatre directly to find out if they are showing it.

STEP 2: PRAY AND FAST// We are continuing to pray and fast through July 18th (the first week of showings) for the greatest impact possible. If you believe in the power of prayer and fasting, please join in.Prayer and fasting will make a powerful impact, guaranteed.

STEP 3: SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA// Let’s share our experiences! Please help fuel the movement by tweeting photos & videos of your movie night. Do selfies, “groupies” (group pictures) and share how the movie impacted you after you see it.
When you post please use the hashtag: #canadaunplanned
Please also tag: @cbc @ctv @justinpjtrudeau @andrewjscheer

STEP 4: LOVE THE PROTESTERS AND THE HATERS// Remember, the greatest is LOVE.At this moment of controversy in our nation (over the film) let’s not underestimate the power of showing love to those who expect us to show hate.We encourage you to LOVE LOVE LOVE any protestors that you encounter at the theatres. Consider bringing coffee and treats to bless them as well.Showing kindness does not mean you agree, it just means that you have self control and compassion. This will speak louder than any debate.Perhaps offer to buy any protestors or opponents a ticket to see the movie with you if they seem open to it.

STEP 5: LOVE THE THEATRES// Let’s also encourage the theatres that have courageously stepped forward to show the film.Take a moment to e-mail theatre owners or drop them a kind note, or box of chocolates when you buy your ticket. Encourage those working the ticket booth as well and consider offering them coffee.There is no doubt that they may be experiencing a lot of animosity right now from those who opposed the film.Also take a moment to thank Landmark and Cineplex for showing the film and encourage Cineplex to open more screens so more Canadians can have the choice to see Unplanned. (Currently Cineplex is only opening a small amount of theatres for a limited time. This could change if we continue to press it.)

Cineplex Contacts: Sarah.VanLange@cineplex.com, salah.bachir@cineplex.com, sheila.gregory@cineplex.com, robert.brown@cineplex.com, cathy.prowse@cineplex.comPhone: (416) 539-8800 or toll free at 1 (844) 870-1112  Fax: (416) 539-8511Landmark Contacts:Email: Online Form Here 
Phone: (403) 262-4255

In the days to come we will also be sharing strategic ways you can be a part of the ongoing movement for life in our nation – especially by supporting women in need.

Some theatres, like in Salmon Arm, have cancelled because of threats and harassment. This breaks our hearts. Please encourage these theatres and pray for them.Others have cancelled because they are effectively choosing to censor this message in spite of the fact that Canadians want to see it.

This is not ok.

The leaders of the Canada Wants Unplanned movement will be monitoring very closely which theatres cancel, and why. This is all unfolding before our eyes and are carefully considering our course of action in response to this injustice.

We will be issuing a statement likely within the next week regarding how we will be responding to the censorship that some theatres have been executing. Please stay tuned.