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Two FREE Strategic Webinars

Next week an incredible opportunity is happening that we encourage you to take advantage of! On July 2nd and 3rd respectively, we are joining with the Unplanned Movie and Right Now to offer you two strategic and informative FREE webinars. Calls like this don’t happen often.
The Unplanned movie is coming to Canada on July 12th.On July 2nd at 10am the producers and key players want to talk to you to share behind the scenes updates and what we can do to help the movie have the biggest success possible on July 12th.Date: July 2nd 
Time: 10am EST 
Speakers: Abby Johnson, Producers Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman, Faytene Grasseschi (4 MY Canada) and Ruth Shaw (NCLN)Click here to register for July 2nd webinar now.Click here to read more.Watch movie trailer.Download poster.
Abby JohnsonCary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman
Faytene Grasseschi & Ruth Shaw
Please watch this short 2 minute video to see why this second webinar is so strategic and important. Click Here for the video//
The next federal election is in 113 days. Who is counting? Well, we sure are!This is because the nation can’t afford a negative outcome in this upcoming federal election. So much is at stake: parental rights, the economy, potentially charitable status, life issues and freedom of conscience/religion.Did you know that YOU can make a huge difference in who get’s elected this fall?Some elections are won by a very slim margin and in these elections just a few volunteers can decide who wins, and who doesn’t.That is why 4 MY Canada is joining forces with Right Now to identify 50+ key swing ridings in this election and getting behind great candidates in those elections to make the biggest impact possible….and the good news is, IT’S EASY!We want to invite you to a free webinar on July 3rd at 6:30pm to talk about this important and time sensitive strategy and share with you how you can be a part.Date: July 3rd 
Time: 6:30pm EST 
Speakers: Alissa Golob, Scott Hayward, Host Faytene Grasseschi (4 MY Canada)Click here to register for July 3rd webinar now.
Alissa Golob, Right NowScott Hayward, Right Now
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