A Christian look at Canadian politics.

Tomorrow: Election Day – 3 Things You Can Do, Where/How To Vote, Voter Tips & More

In just a few hours now election day 2019, October 21st, will be here.

Canadians will decide who will lead our nation in the next few years. Issues at stake include: the federal debt, increased taxes, conscience rights, resource & environmental stewardship and much more.

You can still have a real impact on the future of our nation.

We want to encourage you to do 3 things in the next 24 hours:

1 – PRAY

Please join with us in praying for Canadians to choose the best government possible to navigate our nation forward in godliness. Please also consider fasting tonight and/or tomorrow for our nation.

2 – VOTE

If you have not already voted, please get out tomorrow and do so. If you need some help navigating we have produced a simple website for you here: www.onit4mycanada.ca.

At this site there are tools to help you find out where to vote, what you need, videos with voter tips, links to voter guides etc.

OnIt4MYCanada Election Website
Click here for Right Now’s Voter Guide on the life issue.
VIDEO on how to vote if you care about life (abortion).


Several campaigns across Canada (especially in the Toronto area) still need volunteer help overseeing the vote count on Monday night and getting out the vote.

If you are able to volunteer in some key ridings to ensure integrity in the counting system simply e-mail us at admin@4mycanada.ca and we will connect you. It only takes a few hours and can have a game changing impact.

Lastly, please encourage your friends and networks to do the above as well.

Thank you for doing all that you can at this critical time for our nation. The nation goes to those who show up. Thank you for rising to the times we are in. Bless you!