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Special Vid From Faytene: What To Do Now That The Election is Done/Canada Votes Against Israel/Alberta Conscience Rights Fight

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Some have been asking the important question of what can be done practically, beyond prayer, to impact our federal government now that the election is over.

To answer this question, our director, Faytene, recently did a short video highlighting the importance of:

1.Getting involved locally in the party that you want to influence through something called EDAs (electoral district associations).

2. Joining local EDA boards.

3. Going to policy conventions in 2020.

4. Staying connected.

If you love Canada please consider watching this 7 minute video outlining how you can help build a better Canada in 2020.

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Excerpt from Canadian Jewish News article, Nov. 20th, 2019:

“Anger and disappointment have greeted a major shift in Canada’s voting record on an Israel-related resolution at the United Nations.

Changing course dramatically from previous years, on Nov. 19, Canada voted for a UN measure that refers to “occupied Palestinian territory” – east Jerusalem included – and seems to puts the onus for peace in the region solely on Israel….

…The final vote was 164 countries in favour and nine abstentions. Five voted against the measure: Israel, the United States, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Nauru.

The resolution was part of the same 20 non-binding anti-Israel measures that are adopted at the UN every year at this time. Since 2006, Canada has voted against this particular resolution.” Click here to read full article.

Three Things You Can Do:

1.Write Justin Trudeau at justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca letting him know how you feel about Canada withdrawing support from Israel. If you would rather phone, his number is 613-995-0253 (Ottawa) or 514-277-6020 (Montréal).

 2.Phone or email your MP and encourage them to do whatever they can to support Israel’s right to exist and defend itself. Israel is the only democracy in the middle east that has both Israeli and Arab elected members to their federal government. Click here to find your MP by postal code now.

3. Pray for Canada’s conduct on the international community and share this e-mail with your friends.


Excerpt from article by Johnathan Van Maren, November 22nd:

“Bill 207, which would have recognize the right of medical professionals to decline to participate in procedures that conflict with their consciences in Alberta, was killed last night at committee in an 8 to 2 vote—with four United Conservative Party MLAs voting against sending the conscience protections legislation on to debate.

The reason? Simple. Despite the fact that the legislation, put forward by Peace River UCP MLA Dan Williams, simply ensured that healthcare providers could not be disciplined or sued if they declined to provide a service that conflicted with their conscience, this was considered unacceptable by both Canadian progressives and the UCP cowards that enabled them. Those UCP MLAs, who will now possibly face nomination challenges, are Jeremy Nixon (Calgary-Klein), Nathan Horner (Drumheller-Stettler), Nathan Neudorf (Lethbridge-East), and R.J. Sigurdson (Highwood.)…” Click here to read the entire article.


What Jonathan Van Maren wrote is true, however, MLA Dan Williams pushed back.

Yesterday the committee reported back to the floor and moved for concurrence. Mr. Williams stood up to oppose concurrence so the concurrence motion gets debated Monday.

Please sign this petition now to show your support for conscience rights in Alberta.

If you live in Alberta, please take a moment to do 3 additional things after signing the petition:

  1. Phone or email Premier Kenny and let him know you support professional conscience rights and ask him to bring this bill back.

Email: Calgary.Lougheed@assembly.ab.ca & premier@gov.ab.ca
Phone: 403-238-1212 (Constituency Office)
Phone: 780.427.2251 (Legislative Building Office)

  • 3. Pray for conscience rights and share this e-mail with your friends. Please also consider joining the Justice Wall and signing up to pray 15 minutes a week for the persecuted church.

Thank you for loving and fighting for freedom in Canada.

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