A Christian look at Canadian politics.

12.03.15 – Parliament Opens, Canada Stands For Israel At The UN & National Access To Abortion Announcement

HOCOpenToday the 42nd Parliament of Canada will open at 1pm with the first order of business being the election of the speaker of the house. To watch this live please visit www.cpac.ca

Over the last weeks the new government has been preparing for this day. Announcements have been made regarding the government’s intentions on a variety of fronts including Canada’s tax structure, the Syrian refugee immigration process, access to abortion in rural Canada, Canada’s role in the fight against ISIS, the environment and more. All of these are important issues for us to be watching, praying over and sharing our views with our leaders about.

In today’s communication we have highlighted a few of these important issues with action steps on what you can do to be a Godly influence over them. Please share this information with your networks & join us in being a voice for Godly values in our nation…[please click here to read entire article].