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Parliament is Back in Session: Hot Topics

February 4, 2019

Parliament Is Back In Session

As of last week our Members of Parliament are back in Ottawa!

Centre Block is now under renovation and a new House of Commons is set up in the West Block. With the election 9 months away things are already heating up. 2019 will be an action filled year. Here is a quick overview of what is front and centre already.

Hot Button Topics From The First Week Back >


Irregular asylum seekers cost the government $340 million last fiscal year, and will likely cost nearly $370 million this year.

Click here to read National Post Article

Political journalist Evan Solomon challenged Bill Blair, Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction, to clarify who the Prime Minister was referring to when he said that those who have questions regarding immigration were fear mongering.

Click here to watch the exchange.

Canadian Diplomat to China Fired

After off the cuff remarks, the Canadian diplomat to China has been fired. Many are saying this causes significant damage to our relations with China. Click here for an article on this topic.

Federal Debt

According to Liberal spending projections the budget is not set to be balanced until 2040.

This promises to be one of the main platform issues being debated this election year.

Click here to watch House of Commons exchange on this topic (go to 15 minute mark).

Media and Social Media

Over $595 Million has been set aside for government approved media groups, and a new task team of 5 have been mandated train citizens on how to read the news and social media in this election year.

This team will be on the look out for foreign interference and to make sure social media platforms do not allow false information to be spread to Canadians leading up to the election. Critics point out that the government is edging very close to censorship, social engineering and propaganda campaigns as they determine what is legitimate news and what is not.

Click here for government statement on this issue

In addition to all the above, MY Canada is tracking several important pieces of legislation such as C-69 (pipelines), C-418 (doctor conscience), C-419 (credit card fairness act). We will be communicating more about these bills soon. Please stay tuned and continue to keep our great nation in prayer.


Volunteer for a Candidate that has your values

Reach out to Candidates in your area with any questions you may have and see where they stand.

You can sign up here to be on our email list for election campaign volunteer opportunities in godly campaigns.

Actively Pray

The Justice Wall has just launched a 24-7 virtual prayer chain to pray for Godly government in this year’s election.

Click here to sign up for your 15 minute weekly slot now.

Donate To Great Candidates and Organizations

Contribute directly to a candidate that you believe in. With election fundraising in full swing, putting your money into a candidate you believe in is helpful.

Please also consider a special donation to MY Canada today to help us continue to fight for Godly values in Canada. Click here to donate to MY Canada now.

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