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MPs Stand in Parliament to Applaud Call for Access to Third Trimester Abortion For Any Reason In Canada

We need to talk about this: 

The House of Commons just gave a standing ovation for abortion rights — minus the Conservatives

On Wednesday this past week Members of Parliament from the Liberal Party, NDP, Bloc, Green gave a standing ovation to a call to affirm women’s unrestricted access to abortion in Canada.

Based on the premise of the motion, let’s be clear what they were applauding:


This is completely out of line with what most Canadians feel comfortable with.

The motion was apparently triggered by a recent news story about Canadian women traveling to the USA for access to late term abortion services that they could not get in Canada because doctors did not feel confident to do the procedure.

Global News reported, “People who access abortion care, especially for later-term abortion care, they have to travel to the United States to do that…” Click here to read full article.

The majority of Canadians are opposed to late term abortion for any reason. Our leaders should be to. In spite of this abortion continues to be legal at any phase of pregnancy due to the fact that Canada has no laws on abortion. This is out of step with international standards. Click here to find out more.

We encourage you to do a few things to make your voice heard on this issue.


1- E-mail your MP and let them know how you feel about this. Avoid using religious language but rather simply share your heart in a way that a non Christian could understand. Click here to find out who your MP is.

Those who stood and applauded: Liberal, NDP, Green 
Those who did not: Conservative, Independent

2-Join the Justice Wall by signing up for a minimum of 15 minutes a week to pray for the ending of abortion. Click here to go there now.

3-Join the Cineplex boycott, Canada Wants Unplanned. See below.

50 Years of Legal Abortion: How Can We Respond


The Missing Project has put together a 50 day video project releasing one video a day that culminates with the release of a full documentary on Canada Day.

Each video tells a personal story of the impact of abortion.

The stories are powerful and have the potential to make an incredible impact on anyone considering abortion. Please check this project out and share it with your friends.

Click here to find out more.

Here is one video in the Missing Project series:

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Tami’s Story

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Over 9,000 Canadians have committed to boycotting Cineplex theatres unless they allow the movie Unplanned in Canada.

Unplanned is the life story of Abby Johnson, a star Planned Parenthood employee who quit after seeing a 13 week ultrasound guided abortion.

The movie has had tremendous market success, more than doubling expectations on it’s release weekend and grossing $18 USD to date. In spite of this so far distributors in Canada refuse to pick it up. One distributor cited content as the reason for refusal. Industry professionals agree that any other movie with the same success rate would likely have been picked up a long time ago. Click here to read more.

Cineplex have been stating that they are unable to pick up the movie until a distributor does. Given the fact that Cineplex owns an estimate 80% of theatres in Canada, it is clear that if they wanted it, there would be no issue in a distributor making it happen.

We encourage you to join the boycott and send a message to Canada that wants unplanned.

There is evidence that the boycott is working and now is the time to keep the pressure on.

Click here to go to the Canada Wants Unplanned site now and register for the boycott.


Click here to watch a video by Faytene sharing about the situation.

Action Points

1-Pray that abortion becomes unthinkable in our lifetime. 
2-Boycott Cineplex until we see Unplanned released in Canada. 
3-Spread the word on The Missing Project. 
4-Support and love the women in your circle of influence. Help them find resources and the help they need if they are facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Pregnancy Care Centre: You are not alone 
Adoption Council of Ontario 
Help for Mothers that use substances 
The MotHERS program 
Get Help for Family Violence

Support the MP’s and MPP’s that stand up for LIFE.

Recently Ontario MPP Sam Oosterhoff stood for life at a March for Life rally and has received threats since then. Please take a moment to thank him. sam.oosterhoffco@pc.ola.org

Please stand with us as we stand for Canada by giving a special gift today or signing up to become a monthly supporter of 4MY Canada.

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Click the video below to hear our director Faytene speak on the importance of prayer leading up to the election.

Click here to sign up now schedule your slot on the prayer wall.

Click here to receive daily prayer directives for godly government to be elected in 2019.


The Justice Wall has just launched a 24-7 virtual prayer chain to pray for Godly government in this year’s election.

Click here to sign up for your 15 minute weekly slot now.