A Christian look at Canadian politics.

May 30th, Ontario Election – Prayer and Platforms of Major Parties

The province of Ontario, which is home to over 1/3 of Canada’s total population, is currently in a critical election with competing parties on the opposite ends of both social and fiscal spectrums.

If you live in Ontario, we strongly encourage you to get out and vote. This election is extremely important for the future of Ontario.

We encourage you to vote for the party that will be the best stewards of our finances (as this affects almost all other issues), not drive up the provincial debt/deficit and stand for family values & parental rights.

To help you we have composed a summary of the platforms of all three major parties below. We pray this is helpful for you as you prayerfully consider your choice.

If you do not live in Ontario, please join us in praying and fasting for Ontario at this important time.

Pray Ontario, an initiative to mobilize prayer for this election, has been releasing daily prayer directives and is organizing church based prayer gatherings all across the province. To find out more please visit prayon.ca.

To read this entire communication with major party platforms on some of the main issues please click here.