A Christian look at Canadian politics.

June 5th – Ontario VOTES In 2 Days // Party Platforms, Prayer & Where to Go

SPECIAL NOTICE REGARDING MARIJUANA BILL: Please also keep the Senate in prayer. They are expected to vote on the marijuana legislation on Thursday as well. There is still time to contact our Senators to share your heart with them about this issue. Click here to find out more.

In 2 days, on June 7th, Ontario will choose their new provincial government.

This election will affect over 1/3 of the nation’s population and will inevitably impact the rest of Canada. When Ontario’s economy and legislation is healthy it could affect the whole nation because of example and because of transfer payments. The inverse is also true.

No matter where you live, please join in praying for this important election.

If you live in Ontario we want to encourage you to get out and vote. As mentioned last week, we strongly encourage you to vote for the party that will be the best stewards of the provinces finances as this affects almost all other issues. According to Lisa Raitt, currently Ontario pays a billion dollars a month to interest on it’s debt. That could build a hospital a month. Management of provincial funds is a lead domino issue.

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