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June 1st (Retro Post) – Intense Activity Between Canada & Israel / Good and Bad News

The month of May has proven to be a very interesting one for Canada and our relationship with the Israel.

Here is a quick timeline of events:

1 – On May 8th it was reported the Prime Minister Trudeau would apologize for the Government of Canada’s anti-semitic actions against the Jewish people during WW2, specifically with the rejection of the St. Louis ship. Click here to read more.

2 – On May 14th the US Embassy relocated to Jerusalem. It was reported that Canada ‘snubbed’ the event and did not attend.

3 – Shortly after this Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called for an independent inquiry into what he termed as “Israel’s excessive use of force” in a protest on May 14th that turned violent. Click here to read Justin Trudeau’s full statement.

4 – Andrew Scheer challenged Trudeau’s statement and called up him to equally denounce Hamas’s involvement in the clashes.

5 – On May 30th it was reported that Canada and Israel have signed a ground breaking free trade agreement. Click here to read more.

Click here to read this entire communication.