A Christian look at Canadian politics.

June 15 – TWU Religious Freedom Case, 7-2 Loss at Supreme Court

Dear Friends,

Today is a sobering day in Canada.

Hours ago the Supreme Court verdict regarding the TWU case was announced.

The ruling was about whether or not Trinity Western can impose a Christian code of values upon it’s s

tudents while attending it’s school (which includes a commitment to heterosexual conduct) and still graduate law students that will be able to practice in Canada. As stated in a CTV article posted today, “The cases pitted two significant societal values — freedom of religion and promotion of equality — against one another.”

TWU has lost.

We are still processing the implications of this ruling.

One thing we know for certain is that today’s ruling enforces that now, more than ever, is the time to get involved in electing legislators in the 2019 federal election that will make laws to protect religious freedom in Canada. Nominations are currently underway.

Let’s continue to pray for our nation, fast for our nation and get involved practically in working to keep her strong and free.

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