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June 15 – Amendments Accepted and Rejected for Marijuana Bill, Soon Coming Vote

C-45 passed in the Senate with 46 recommended amendments sent back to the House of Commons this week. The House of Commons has accepted 26 of those recommendations, rejecting a few key amendments.

They have not agreed to ban “paraphernalia” with marijuana company’s logos from being sold. This was suggested to keep from advertising to youth.

They rejected provin

ces having authority to ban home growing.

They rejected a public registry of investors.

CTV NEWS: Click here to read a summary of the accepted and rejected amendments.

The House of Commons is expected to vote soon on the amended bill and send the bill back to the Senate for further discussion. It is reported that PM Trudeau is has been putting pressure on the Senate for them to pass it swiftly. That being said, the Senate could reject what the House has done to the bill. This means there is still time to act and pray (please do both).

So far the date for legalization is likely close to Labour Day 2018.

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