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Parental Rights


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Mar. 7th, 2017 – FAMILY ISSUES ALERT: Help us be a voice for family 1) Bill C-16 (Bathroom Spaces) 2) S-206 (Spanking) and 3) Ontario Bill 89

Oct. 17th, 2016 – Ontario’s Bill 28: Eliminating Mom and Dad?




Families all across Canada have seen a number of changes in recent years, namely in terms of the rights parents have in raising, educating, and disciplining their children. Below are some of the recent bills, motions, and issues that have affected parental rights at the federal and provincial levels.


Parental Rights on the Federal Level:

Diminishing parental rights have attracted attention on a federal level. CPC leadership hopeful Brad Trost had included a promise to introduce a Parental Bill of Rights in Parliament in his policy platform for last year’s CPC leadership race. This Bill of Rights would have protected children from being subjected to the social values of leftist provincial and federal governments.


Ontario Bill 28: “All Families Are Equal Act” // Banning “Mother” and “Father”

In November 2016, the Ontario government voted unanimously to redefine ‘family’ through the passing of Bill 28, called the “All Families Are Equal Act”. In summary, this bill eliminated the word mother 17 times and father 23 times from provincial family law and allowed for 4 parents in families instead of 2. PC MPP Mike Harris had proposed an amendment to include the options of “mother,” “father,” or “parent,” but this proposal was rejected. The word “mother” has now been replaced with the term “birth parent” or simply, “parent.” 

Bill 28 was seemingly rushed through by the Ontario Liberal Party with nearly no reporting on it in the media and very little opposition from the Ontario PC Party. In fact, a number of the conservative party MPPs, including some who were expected to oppose the bill, were notably absent for the vote, some having been in question period only moments earlier. 


Ontario Bill 89: “Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act”

Despite its title, ON Bill 89 does not support Ontario families or children but rather removes some of the security and authority that parents have in developing strong family units. Bill 89 would:

▪ Repeal and replace the province’s existing Child and Family Services Act (which governs Child Protection Services, foster care and adoption services)
▪ Add “gender identity” and “gender expression” to what is considered “in the best interest of the child”
▪ Disregard the religious faith of the child’s parents/household and replace it with any “creed” the child indicates they follow
▪ Give child protection services greater power to intervene!

This new legislation could give child protection services the ability to withdraw a gender-confused child from a home where their gender identity is not supported. It also potentially prohibits Christian families or parents opposed to gender theory from adopting or fostering children in need.

Basically, Bill 89 overlooks the religion of parents, **restricts parent’s fundamental right** to raise the child in accordance with their own beliefs, and ultimately **gives the government more control and parents less control** of their own families.


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What You Can Do:

1 – Bill 89: Ontario residents are asked to please contact your own MPP and the Minister of Child and Youth Services, Hon. Michael Coteau, urging them to withdraw/vote against Bill 89.

Write your own e-mail or click HERE to send a pre-written e-mail using the Easy Mail tool.

Please click here to find your MPP.

Hon. Michael Coteau, Don Valley East
Ministry of Children and Youth Services/ Anti-Racism Directorate
14th Floor, 56 Wellesley Street West
Toronto, ON M5S 2S3
Tel: 416-212-7432


2 – Sign the petition. You can oppose Ontario Bill 89 by signing the petition found here


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