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Canada has been actively involved in foreign relations with Israel since its establishment as a State in 1948. The relations have been mostly positive throughout the years but strengthened considerably with the election of Stephen Harper to Prime Minister in 2006.


Canada-Israel Relations Under PM Harper:

Under the Harper government, Canada’s relationship with Israel was very strong and Canada has proven itself to be an adamant supporter of Israel’s right to defend itself. In 2009, PM Stephen Harper declared, “We count ourselves among Israel’s closest partners. Since its founding in 1948, Canada has supported Israel and its right to live in peace and security with its neighbours. We value this relationship and look forward to continued friendship and collaboration.” (Quoted from the Government of Canada Archives).


Continued Support Under PM Trudeau:

Some feared a weakening of Canadian-Israeli relations upon Stephen Harper’s defeat in the October 2015 Federal Elections. However, upon his election as Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau maintained that support for Israel was not a partisan issue, and from his first few months as Prime Minister it appeared that he would continue to support the nation. Trudeau made headlines on November 26th, 2015, when he voted against the Arab-sponsored resolutions at the UN which looked to delegitimize Israel.


In the two years since the election of Canada’s Liberal majority government, friendship towards Israel has seemingly become more neutral. Trudeau’s first Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Stephane Dion, hinted at a change in how Canada planned to deal with Israel and the Middle East, saying that it is part of “Canada’s role to be an honest broker on the world stage”. There are opposing interpretations as to whether this will mean a positive or negative change for relations with Israel or not, and the impact of a new Canadian government is yet to be seen.

Current Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Chrystia Freeland, has carried on this more neutral stance and when US President Donald Trump announced he would be moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem as recognition of the city as Israel’s capital, Canada abstained from the UN vote on the matter. 

.it is part of Canada’s role to be an honest broker on the world stage

Through Fire and Water, Canada Will Stand With You


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What You Can Do:

1 – PRAY: Please pray for peace in Israel and that Canada, along with the nations of the world, would have wisdom in helping to bring peace to this region of the Middle East.

2 – E-MAIL: Please consider emailing PM Justin  Trudeau, along with your own Member of Parliament, to let them know that you are in full support of Israel and would like to see Canada “be a friend” of this nation. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca

(To find out who your MP is by postal code please click here.)


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