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The three deadliest words in the world are, ‘it’s a Girl’, according to MP Mark Warawa, who explains female gendercide as “the systematic killing of women and girls, just because they’re girls”. Sex-selective abortions have become more frequent as Canada continues to receive more immigrants from eastern, patriarchal countries where there is higher value placed on boys, and there is a growing imbalance between girls and boys in some of Canada’s ethnic communities as a result.

An Environics poll found that 92% of Canadians believe sex-selective pregnancy termination should be illegal. However, there are presently no laws or regulations in Canada about when the gender of a fetus can be identified by an ultrasound, nor is it illegal to abort a fetus in Canada based on its gender.


Early Gender Determination

In June 2012, CBC News produced a shocking report which exposed a large number of privately owned 3D ultrasound clinics allowing women to determine the gender of their fetuses as early as 14 weeks (see video, below). This is in direct opposition to most Canadian hospitals and doctors, who will not reveal gender until 20 weeks, when a woman is too far along to obtain an elective abortion. It is believed that families hoping for a boy might attend such clinics to obtain an early-pregnancy, gender-determination ultrasound, with ample time to arrange the elective abortion of female infants.

Proof of gendercide as a growing trend in Canada was proven in an April 2012 report in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, which looked at Ontario births from 2002-07 and compared them against the mother’s country of origin. In the report, boy-girl ratios of first and second children showed only slightly more boys being born than girls. However, there was a hugely distorted ratio of 136 to 100 when it came to third-born children.


Motion To Denounce Gendercide (M-408) Rejected

In the fall of 2012, MP Mark Warawa announced he would be bringing forth a motion, M-408, which would call upon Parliament to denounce the practice of gendercide in Canada. In spring 2013, Mr. Warawa’s motion was deemed un-votable by a small Parliamentary committee in spite of the fact that it had passed all vote-ability criteria, hence reinforcing Parliament’s irrational resolve biased against bills touching the abortion issue. This bold move created much controversy over the issue of freedom of speech in the House of Commons.

Click here to read Mr. Warawa’s press releases regarding the events.


Motion 77 – An Act to Protect Girls

After Motion-408 was rejected, Mark Warawa put forth Motion-77, once again asking Parliament to join Canadians, the United Nations, and world leaders in condemning all forms of gender-based violence against women and girls. We look forward to this motion being debated and voted on in the House of Commons. Please click here to help support M-77 by signing and circulating the petition in your social circle.

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What You Can Do:

1 – PRAY: Please pray that Holy Spirit would move firstly upon the hearts of pregnant families to joyfully embrace life, whether male or female. Pray that the minds of those in government would be opened on this issue and that new laws will come into existence that would make early gender-determination and gendercide illegal in Canada.


2 – E-MAIL: Please e-mail your MP to express your concern about the lack of laws governing the issue of early gender-determination and gendercide and explain that this goes against the value of gender-equality in Canada. 

(To find out who your MP is by postal code please click here.)


3 – PARTICIPATE: Please help with Mark Warawa’s gendercide petitions to “make sex selection illegal” and “condemn discrimination against girls occurring through sex-selective pregnancy termination”, both available in the Sex Selection links on his website.


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