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At present there is no law in Canada on abortion.  Practically this means that it is legal to abort a child up to full term (9 months gestation) in Canada. This also means that partial-birth abortion, the killing of a child while it is being born, is legal in Canada. Though rare, it does happen in Canada. In December 2016, a Quebec couple aborted their baby at 35 weeks due to abnormalities. 

Statistics Canada reports an average of 90,000 – 100,000 abortions a year. This works out to about 30 abortions for every 100 live births, and over 22% of Canadian babies annually.  The Statistics Canada number is agreed to be a conservative figure as there are entire provinces who do not report their abortion statistics.  Therefore, in reality the true statistic could be much higher.

Since all restrictions have been taken off of abortion in Canada, an estimated 2-3 million babies have been aborted. (Click here to find statistics on abortion in Canada.)


Funding for Abortions:

Some estimates suggest hospital abortions can cost tax payers approximately $1,600 per abortion.  This means that as much as 4+ billion taxpayer dollars have gone to legal abortions in Canada. Although many Canadians do not agree with taxpayer-funded abortion, they are still mandated to pay for them by virtue of the fact that they are covered by taxpayer dollars.


International Funding of Abortion:

In one of his first executive orders, American President Donald Trump halted all U.S. taxpayer and foreign aid money from being put towards international abortion. In response, the Dutch international abortion fund initiative was launched and Canada was quickly included in talks to ensure that the withdrawn U.S. funding of abortion was covered by other countries. In March 2017, Canada attended the “She Decides” conference in Belgium from where Minister of Intl. Development Marie-Claude Bibeau committed to giving $20 million over 12 months towards the abortion fund.

One week after this announcement, on International Women’s Day, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announcement that Canada would be giving $650 million dollars towards “reproductive rights” around the world. 


Back to Life: Abortion in Canada

The History of Abortion Law in Canada


Recent Activity In Parliament On the Life Issue:

In the last few years several Members of Parliament have worked diligently to bring the issue of life to Parliament. The MY Canada Association has been very involved in the support of each of the motions, and the bills, outlined below.


Women Being Bullied Into Abortions (C-510):

In 2010 MP Rod Bruinooge brought forth a law called Roxanne’s Law (C-510). This law was based on the story of a Winnipeg woman named Roxanne Fernando who had been brutally murdered by her boyfriend after she refused to bend to pressure from him to abort their child. Roxanne’s Law would have given more protection to women who are being bullied into abortions. This bill was voted down by Parliament in late 2010.  


Rod Bruinooge Explains Roxanne’s Law


The Definition of A Human (M-312):

In 2012 there was much activity in Parliament surrounding a motion that was put forth by MP Stephen Woodworth calling on Parliament to look at the definition of when a fetus becomes a human being. He pointed out that that current law in Canada is based on a 400 year old definition which defines a child as only becoming fully human after it has fully proceeded from its mother’s body. Mr. Woodworth’s motion (M-312) was calling upon Parliament to re-look at this 400 year old definition on the basis of up-to-date science. It was voted down in September of 2012.


RU-486 (Abortion Pill):

Health Canada approved the controversial RU-486 pill in July of 2015. Studies have found strong evidence that RU-486 abortions, “chemical abortions”, have a far higher rate of very serious complications than do surgical abortions, even causing death. As of July 1, 2016, Canadian Doctors could legally prescribe the pill but, after a number of delays, it did not become available for dispensing until early 2017. 

Watch the video below to find out more about this pill and the decision to make RU-486 available in Canada.


Molly Matters:

In December of 2014, Cassandra Kaake, who was 31 years old and 7 months pregnant with her wanted baby was found dead in their Windsor home. Police have arrested 26-year-old Matthew Brush and charged him with first degree murder charges, breaking and entering charges and indecent interference with a dead body. . At the end of January 2017, Brush was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Cassie, but faced no charges for the death of Cassandra’s wanted baby, Molly.  Neither did Molly’s father or Cassandra’s family see justice for the life of this beloved family member. 

Molly Matters is an important initiative that is being spearheaded by Molly’s father, Jeff Durham, and Cassandra’s family. Though they are grieving the loss of both Cassandra and baby Molly, the law only recognizes part of their loss: the death of Cassandra. This is because in Canada a baby is not considered human while in the womb – even if it is a wanted baby – and therefore has no protection by Canadian law. Jeff Durham and Cassandra’s family want this to change and launched a campaign called Molly Matters asking the Canadian government to reconsider and pass Bill C-484; the Unborn Victims of Crime Act. Unfortunately, Bill C-225, “Cassie and Molly’s Law” was voted down in fall 2016. The Molly Matters team, however, continued to pursue legislation to recognize preborn victims of crime.


Abortion Effects on Women’s Health:

In addition to the obvious effect of hundreds of thousands of babies’ lives lost, abortion has been found to have serious, lasting negative health effects on the women who have them. Studies have shown that there is a strong correlation between induced abortion and subsequent mental health problems as well as a much higher rate of suicide. When trying to become pregnant later on, women who have had abortions experience 6% lower fertility than those who have not had abortions. Furthermore, induced abortion has been associated with an 86% and 267% increased risk of very preterm birth, depending on whether they had previous first- or second-trimester abortions, respectively. 


There is also a strong link between abortion and breast cancer with 23 studies having shown a 30% increased risk of breast cancer for women who experienced induced abortions. However, the National Cancer Institute denies any link between the two categories, despite having sponsored two major studies that found evidence to the contrary. (Click here for more information.)


A recently-released, groundbreaking film named HUSH gives an in-depth look at the physical and mental effects of abortion on women and the media blackout on this issue historically. Watch the trailer below and find out more about the film HUSH here.


Hush the Film



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What You Can Do:

1 – PRAY: Pray for the hearts of women presently considering abortion; that Holy Spirit will move upon their hearts to bring hope so that they choose life instead of death. Pray that support systems would rise up around them to encourage them to the choose life.

2 – E-MAIL: Please consider e-mailing your Member of Parliament and let them know your position on abortion and that you would support a law being brought forward on this issue.   Click here to find out how to contact your MP.

3 – ACT: If you believe in the power of prayer and would like to join a group that is praying for the ending of abortion, please visit the Justice Wall. Click here to go to www.justicewall.com and sign up for a weekly, 15-minute prayer time.

You can now also sign up for No Not This One Canada (a part of the Justice Wall) to receive real-time alerts via email or text about women considering abortion in order to pray for them specifically by name or situation.


4 – Help Elect Pro-Life Candidates: We work with a number of organizations to identify pro-life candidates in federal and occasionally provincial elections. These candidates are always in need of volunteers to help go door to door, place phone calls, or stuff envelopes. Please e-mail us at admin@4mycanada.ca if you would like to get involved in helping a pro-life candidate get elected. 


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