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House of Commons Rises For Summer // Summary Of Some Bills That Passed

June 25th, 2019

Last week our Members of Parliament packed up and headed home for a campaign summer.

Below is a summary of activity in the final hours.

Please keep our nation and leaders in prayer as candidates for the fall election kick into full campaign mode.

The House and Senate Rise for the Summer

The Prime Minister has stated that in order to pass the NAFTA agreement the MP’s will be called back to the house in the summer for a rare summer vote.

Other than NAFTA, bills that did not receive royal ascent before Friday essentially “died” on the floor. This means that they will need to be reintroduced next session after the election and will have to start the process over.

One bill that we hope to see in the next session is C-418. It calls for a federal provision for doctors and other medical professionals conscience rights. We will be paying attention in the fall.

Here is a news article that lists in detail the bills that were passed this week.

This summer we are significantly stepping up our activity to help Christians effectively impact the election. This means we are hiring more staff. To help us with this we are currently needing to raise an additional $25,000 this summer. We would be grateful if you would consider a gift to help. Thank you.


Bills We Have Been Following Which Passed Into Law:


Bill C-75 that we have been following closely passed third reading in the Senate and received Royal Ascent Thursday June 20th. Our major concern with this bill is the soft of crime approach to serious offences.

According to Christian Paas-Lang of The Canadian Press, “This bill will “hybridize” a series of offences so that they can now be prosecuted as either indictable or less-serious summary charges, and establish peremptory challenges of jurors. The bill was passed through the Senate with amendments, the House chose not to accept several of those, and the Senate Thursday decided not to insist on the remaining changes.”

The details of amendments that were accepted are not clear, but we will keep you informed of these as we learn more about them.

C-69 // C-48

These two Bills passed amongst much opposition. They are considered to be the Liberals big environmental bills. They significantly affect the energy sector including oil and gas as well as mining.

According to BNN Bloomberg, liability is off the charts now that C-69 has received royal ascent. Critics believe this will deter otherwise eager investment into our energy resource sector.

C-69 is known as the pipeline bill. It requires an impact assessment process for major projects. The Senate recommended numerous amendments, but the House rejected most of them and the Senate did not insist.

C-48 bans oil tankers from some parts of the BC coast.

Action Points

1 / Volunteer – The Critical Game Changer

Now is the time to help a godly candidate in their campaign. Candidates are in full campaign mode and need all the help they can get. Helping door knock is the number one way to assure votes in the fall.

Did you know that you do not need to know any platform or policies to door knock? The conversation at the door is quick and easy and the purpose is simply to identify voters and leave them with a flyer. Go with a friend and have fun!

2 / Get Connected To Godly Campaigns

You can sign up for our candidate volunteer list by sending us a quick email and let us know you want to hear when candidates need help.

We are currently working diligently in co-operation with other leading organizations to identify godly candidates in swing ridings that need our help. Stay tune!

3 / Get Info On Pro-Life Candidates

Campaign Life Coalition has comprehensive information on which candidates have identified themselves as pro-life. Find their info here.

4 / Resource For Churches

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada has resources for churches to actively get involved this election. Find their material here.