A Christian look at Canadian politics.

Quick View: What You Can Do

We are blessed to live in a democracy where the power is right at our fingertips to impact our nation; We need only use it.  We realize that the thought of impacting a nation can feel intimidating and that sometimes it can be hard to know where to begin.  Following are a few easy things you can do to make a great impact on Canada.


1 – Vote:  Your vote is your voice.

We encourage you to get educated about upcoming municipal, provincial and federal elections and vote for those that reflect your values.


2 – Meet With Your Government Representative

We cannot stress enough the power of “showing up” to meet with your government representative.  We encourage you to book an appointment to meet with your MP, Senator, MLA, MPP or city councillor to share your heart with them on the issues you are passionate about.  Go for it!  It is fun and effective.

We also encourage you to show up to community events where your elected official will be present.  Seek them out, introduce yourself and share with them about the issues that are on your heart. Follow your MP on Facebook/Twitter and subscribe to their newsletter through their websites to stay on top of key events and information in your riding.


Special Opportunity For Young Adults:

If you are a young adult with a passion for Canada, we encourage you to consider applying for the delegation we bring to Parliament each year.  Please click here to find out more.


3 – Write or Phone Your Government Representative

Though there is nothing quite as powerful as a face to face meeting (point #2), writing or calling your representative’s office can also be an effective way of exercising your democratic voice. Find out how to contact your MP here.


4 – Volunteer

The  most influential people in the world of an elected official are those who are around them and in direct relationship with them.  We encourage you to consider volunteering in your elected representative’s office.  Not only can they use a hand but this is a great way to get to know them and share your views with them on the issues you are passionate about.  Volunteering is a great thing to do any time of the year but it is especially important during an election campaign time.


5 – Sign Up For the MYC Action Alerts

Sign up for the MY Canada e-mails and to receive updates and step by step action points on how you can be a voice on various issues.  Click here to sign up now.


6 – Write A Letter To The Editor or Call A “Call-In” Talk Show

Another great way to be a voice for Godly values in Canada is to write letters to your editor or call into call-in talk shows to share your views.


7 – Pray

Click here to find out more about great national prayer ministries that you can get involved with.


8 – Donate

If you believe in the work of MY Canada in the nation, please consider making a donation. Every donation makes a real difference.  Please click here to donate now.


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