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03.28.14 – Forthcoming Prostitution Legislation & 2 Bills On Assisted Suicide Tabled

ProstitutionUpdatesquareThank you to those of you who faithfully participated in the Government’s on-line consultation regarding the forthcoming prostitution legislation.


As the national discussion continues we become more and more convinced that Joy Smith’s recommendation that the government adopt a “Canadian version” of the Nordic Model is the best way for Canada to go. This model focuses on criminalizing those who access prostitution services (Johns) as opposed to targeting the women (who are often victims of exploitation / trafficking). Many nations across Europe are beginning to see the Nordic Model as the new standard.


This past Thursday our leadership was a part of a strategy call where contacts at Parliament suggested that the government could announce their legislative direction as early as June. This means that we must continue to make our voices heard in this window of time where our leaders are deciding which way Canada will go on this important moral issue.  Click here to read more…