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Feb. 13 – Parliamentary Shaking, Pipelines and ELECTION PRAYER LAUNCHED!

February 13th, 2019

Parliamentary Shaking

This past week has delivered bomb shell after bomb shell to the Parliament of Canada – specifically the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

On February 11th it was reported that the federal ethics commissioner would be launching an investigation into whether or not the PMO interfered with the SNC-Lavalin case by pressuring former attorney general, Jody Wilson Raybould to get public prosecutors to cut a deal with SNC-Lavalin to help them avoid a criminal trial. Click here to read more..

Yesterday Jody Wilson Raybould announced her resignation from the Liberal cabinet and stated, “I am aware that many Canadians wish for me to speak on matters that have been in the media over the past week….I am in the process of obtaining advice on the topics that I am legally permitted to discuss in this matter and as such, have retained the Honourable Thomas Albert Cromwell, CC as counsel.”

Click watch the Prime Minister’s remarks on the resignation.
Click here to watch statement by Andrew Scheer on the scandal.

The days ahead will reveal how this may affect the current Parliament.

Please keep our leaders in prayer at this time. Let us agree in prayer that everything that can be shaken will be shaken, that truth will be revealed and that the innocent will be protected.


Last Sunday Faytene.tv aired a very enlightening show on Canada’s oil and gas crisis.

Guest Shari MacPherson of Rally Canada explained how Canadians are being impacted. Some have lost homes, gone deep into debt to pay for basic necessities such as food, lost marriages and some have even taken their lives because of the stress of it all. MacPherson also spoke of the many indigenous leaders who support the pipeline builds and Bill 69 which is currently in the Senate and called upon Canadians to join in being a voice asking our leaders to vote against it.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley is also sounding the alarm regarding C-69 saying, “Bill C-69 proposes an unclear, unpredictable, and uncertain regulatory regime that will harm investor confidence” and therefore harm the industry and all those connected to it. Click here to read more.

Click here to read a CTV national news story from this past Sunday of indigenous leaders protesting C-69 and the pipeline delays.

Please join us in supporting Canada’s clean oil and gas by asking our Senators to make changes to C-69 or vote against it.

Call to Action:

Please write the Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources Committee members asking for thoughtful revisions and amendments that will not cause unnecessary delays. This is critical to our western provinces and the energy sector.

Committee Chair: Rosa Galvez
Deputy Chair: Michael L. MacDonald
Jane Cordy
Norman E. Doyle
Patti LaBoucane-Benson
Paul J. Massicotte
Mary Jane McCallum
Percy Mockler
Dennis Glen Patterson

Copy and Paste All E-mails: michael.macdonald@sen.parl.gc.ca, jane.cordy@sen.parl.gc.ca, norman.doyle@sen.parl.gc.ca, Patti.LaBoucane-Benson@sen.parl.gc.ca, paul.massicotte@sen.parl.gc.ca, MaryJane.McCallum@sen.parl.gc.ca, percy.mockler@sen.parl.gc.ca, dennis.patterson@sen.parl.gc.ca


The Justice Wall has just launched a 24-7 virtual prayer chain to pray for Godly government in this year’s election.

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We encourage you to check out our founder, Faytene Grasseschi’s, weekly show which is attacking key issues for our nation head on.

Visit faytene.tv for information on upcoming shows or to watch those which have already aired.

Shows have covered topics such as marijuana legislation, doctor conscience rights, first nations suicide, poverty, human trafficking, abortion harassment, sex education and more.


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