A Christian look at Canadian politics.

Election Reflections

October 22nd, 2019

Well, the election has come and gone.

We want to begin this post election update with a massive thank you to all of you who prayed, fasted, voted and volunteered in the lead up to yesterday’s federal election.

You are amazing.

Nothing done in honour of God’s heart will go unrewarded by heaven. Your sacrifice has already impacted the earth – whether we see it or not. Whether we see the breakthrough, or we are pressing towards it, nothing is in vain and ground is being taken – there is no doubt.

Yesterday’s Results
▪A Liberal minority government with 157 seats.
▪Conservatives: 121 seats
▪Bloc: 32 seats
▪Green: 3 seats
▪NDP: 24 seats.

NDP + Liberal combined, 181 seats (an alliance majority).For many, yesterday’s results were not what we had hope for. 

However we can be encouraged in a few things….(continued after video player).

Click here to watch a video from our director, Faytene Grasseschi on “Election Reflections

1 – MORE PRO-LIFE, PRO-FAMILY, PRO-FREEDOM MPS THAN BEFORE // Because of last night’s results there are more pro-life, pro-family and pro-freedom elected Members of Parliament going to Ottawa for the 43rd Parliament than there were for the 42nd. These ones may not be the majority in a numerical sense, but with prayer they can have a tremendous impact on the climate of Parliament. This is progress and needs to be celebrated!

2 – 600 VOLUNTEERS // Through our network alone we saw an estimated 600 volunteers mobilize into key swing ridings! In at least 13 ridings these volunteers helped bring in a victory. This is amazing! We once again want to give a heart felt thank you to every person who volunteered and every leader that helped mobilize into these ridings.

3 – AWAKENING // Because of our national challenges more and more believers are waking up to the importance of doing more than just praying, doing more than just voting, but getting involved practically to build a better Canada. This is also great progress. As more and more of us step up to the plate we will see greater and greater change in the days ahead.We have not yet reached our tipping point….but we will.

All this means our greatest work is still ahead of us.From MY Canada we want to give a wholehearted thank you to our friends and supporters that keep us at it.It is clear that now, more than ever, the work must go on.

Let’s celebrate what we can, grow where we can and go where we can to build a better Canada for the future.We are grateful for each of you.Stay tuned for where we go from here in the weeks and months ahead. For now here are a few key things we can all do to keep contending for heaven’s dream for Canada.


1 – PrayPlease keep our leaders in prayer as the new cabinet and official opposition critics are chosen. Let’s pray for the ones that can do the most good for Canada to be appointed.

2 – CommitLet’s commit to the long haul. The election is not an end point, but a marker. Let’s continue to get involved in being salt and light in the government sphere of our nation by purchasing a membership for the party we feel called to influence, attending our local riding association annual general meetings, getting on the boards and going to policy conventions. This is where the change happens. Let’s also commit in our hearts to get involved at the nomination level when the next election comes. This is where the highest return on investment often comes for national impact.

3 – ForgiveLet’s face it, this was not only a nasty election between federal party leaders, but between Canadians as well. If someone rubbed you the wrong way, offended or hurt you, please take time to pray and forgive them. We need to walk forward as a united nation and a united people. More often than not that begins with forgiveness.

4 – Win and DiscipleAs the hearts of Canadians are changed and as those change hearts rise up and engage democracy in meaningful ways, that is when national transformation happens. Let’s give the same focus to sharing the love of Christ with those in our worlds, preaching the gospel and discipling those around us as we did into the election.Thank you for all you do.

Canada is better because of YOU.