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Bill C-418 Medical Professional Conscience Rights // MAiD

Bill C- 418 Doctors Conscience Rights


In June of 2016 medical assistance in dying (MAiD) was legalized in Canada. The legalization of MAiD put doctors from sea to sea who are morally opposed to assisted suicide in a difficult situation.

Thankfully some provinces, such as Manitoba, have already brought forward legislation to protect physician conscience rights. (Click here to read more).

In other provinces, doctors do not have these same conscience protection rights explicitly spelled out in provincial law. Many testify to feeling pressured to violate their consciences with respect to assisted suicide and other controversial procedures such as abortion and sex changes.

According to MP Brad Trost some medical professionals have already quit their practice or moved out of Canada because of the situation. (Click here to read MP Brad Trost’s public statement on this issue.)

The Good News: C-418

The good news is that there are Members of Parliament who are championing this important issue for our nation. One of these MPs is David Anderson.

MP David Anderson has put forward a private members bill. It is called C-418 – An Act To Amend the Criminal Code (Medical Assistance in Dying).

As explained on his website here C-418:

i) amends the Criminal Code to make it an offence to intimidate a medical practitioner, nurse practitioner, pharmacist or any other health-care professional for compelling them to take part, directly or indirectly, in the provision of euthanasia.

ii) makes it an offence to dismiss from employment or to refuse to employ medical practitioner, nurse practitioner, pharmacist or any other health-care professional for the reason only that they refuse to take part, directly or indirectly, in the provision of assisted suicide or euthanasia.

Where Is C-418 At?:

C-418 is coming up for second reading on May 29th.

If it passes 2nd reading it will go to the committee stage.

Now is the time to express your support of C-418. We want to see this bill passed before Parliament breaks for the summer (June 21st) when all bills are dropped because of the election.

Action Points:

1 // PRAY: Please cover MP Anderson in prayer as he advocates for medical professional’s freedom of conscience.

2 // CONTACT MINISTER OF JUSTICE: Contact the Minister of Justice, The Hon. David Lametti. Ask him to support this legislation. This is critical and time sensitive.

Contact: David.Lametti@parl.gc.ca / 613-943-6636

Copy MP David Anderson and MP Brad Trost in this e-mail so they know they have your support in this.

E-mails: david.anderson@parl.gc.ca, david.anderson1@sasktel.net, brad.trost@parl.gc.ca

3 // CONTACT YOUR MP: Contact your MP asking them to support this piece of legislation. Find your MP by postal code by clicking here.

4 // PRINT, SIGN, DISTRIBUTE & RETURN PETITION: MP David Anderson has begun a petition to support his bill. Click here to access MP David Anderson’s petition. It will need to be printed, filled out and returned to his office (postage is free) so that he can table it in the House of Commons.

5 // ATTEND AN INFO SESSION: Attend MP Brad Trost’s Protecting Conscience Rights event. It is Wednesday, May 8, 2019 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM on Parliament Hill, Ottawa Click here to register.

6 // MAKE THIS AN ELECTION ISSUE: We have a federal election just around the bend. As you are speaking to candidates running in your area be sure and let them know that freedom of conscience for our medical professionals, and all Canadians, is important to you.

More info on C-418:

Visit MP David Anderson’s website here for more information.

To read C-418 in full click here.


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