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August 26th, 2018, Conservative Policy Convention – What Passed, What Failed

August 26th

Thank you for your prayer and fasting during the Conservative Party’s policy convention which ended yesterday in Halifax, NS.

For any major political party these conventions are important times. Not only that but they are potentially important times for all Canadians. This is because the policies set in place could become law eventually should the party form government.

This year’s policy convention for the Conservatives featured proposals for policies on many issues that we care deeply about such as freedom of conscience, abortion, assisted suicide, vets, Canada’s relationship with Israel and more.

Here is a quick update of some of the policies that passed and did not.

Thank you for your prayers.


A policy passed to oppose any legislation which would extend euthanasia to minors, non-competent, and psychological suffering.

A policy passed to eliminate the funding of international abortion with Canadian tax dollars.

A policy passed which would support the removal of the attestation on government grant funding.

A policy passed to support legislation that would require medical professionals to fight for the lives of babies born alive.

A policy passed to develop a national strategy for palliative care.

A policy passed to support legislation that would value a Canadian’s freedom of thought, belief, and expression over compelled speech.

A policy passed to support Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the Canadian embassy there.

A policy to stop illegal entry of immigrants and increase border security passed.

Policies passed to retrain injured veterans, support national defence funding and free trade policies.

Policies passed to simplify tax codes, remove the carbon tax, cap and trade, simplify interprovincial trade, and to support pipelines development.

A policy passed to help the northern Canada keep royalties from natural resources in the north.

A policy passed to reinstate the office of religious freedom.

A policy passed to stop “birth tourism” by withholding Canadian citizenship unless one parent is Canadian.


A policy failed that would remove the Conservative policy stating they will not support any legislation to regulate abortion.

A policy that would recognize pornography as a health risk and do research on the violence against women/children lost

There is disagreement even among conservative MP’s on many of these issues, but conventions like these allow the grassroots members to have a voice.

Prayerfully consider attending the next policy convention in two years, and also policy conventions for other parties.

If we all use our voices, our voices will make a difference. The nation truly does go to those who show up.

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