Conservative Party Leadership Race – May 27th, 2017


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The Leader of a political party has immense influence over a number of factors, including the party’s platform, policy, and caucus, and personally approving each and every party election candidate. The opportunity to elect a new leader to one of Canada’s primary federal parties only comes once every 12-15 years. Such an opportunity is coming to us in this May when the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) will elect its new party leader!

MY Canada has identified three of the candidates as being pro-life and lining up with socially-conservative positions on abortion, assisted suicide, free speech and the defence of Israel. If each of us buys a membership and votes to elect a pro-life CPC leader, this could be a big step in seeing the tide begin to change on abortion in Canada!


Opportunity to Elect a Pro-Life CPC Leader:

We have identified three of the candidates in the running (thus far) who have perfect voting records when it comes to pro-life issues. These are the candidates MY Canada currently supports for CPC leadership. Please visit the candidates’ websites for more information.

Pierre Lemieux (website)
Andrew Scheer (website)
Brad Trost (website)


Candidate Stances on Key Issues (Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage, etc.):




Maxime Bernier – Recently told a community newspaper in Hamilton that he would re-open the abortion debate and allow a free vote if that’s what his members want. “I’m open to having the debate if members of my party want that debate,” said Bernier in an interview with Hamilton Community News. He supported the removal of the party’s definition of marriage as being the union between a man and a woman at its policy convention in May 2016. Also, originally voting in support of Transgender Bill C-16, Bernier said in February that he would reverse his vote and vote against the bill if given the chance. 


Michael Chong – Told the Globe and Mail earlier this year that if he were Prime Minister, his government would not legislate on matters related to abortion, vowing not to “reopen divisive social issues” (abortion, same-sex marriage, assisted suicide), but he added: “I won’t prevent a back-bench member of my caucus from speaking up on these issues nor will I prevent them from voting freely in the House of Commons.”

Kellie Leitch – Leith opposes the legalization of marijuana, voted against assisted suicide Bill C-14, is for same-sex marriage, and self-identifies as pro-life. However she has also recently said “I have no intention of bringing the abortion issue back to the House of Commons.” Click here to read an interview with MP Leitch, 

Pierre Lemieux
–  Mr. Lemieux is one of the most outspoken candidates against abortion, sex-selection (gendercide), assisted suicide and “Islamophobia” motion M-103. He is a staunch supporter of free speech. His website says, “I’m pro-life and believe in the sanctity of life from conception through to natural death.” On Dec. 11th, 2016, Lemieux released a video addressing Gender-Selective Abortion and committing to fighting this injustice. On Israel,“Pierre believes that the only road to a just and enduring peace between Israel and the Palestinians is direct negotiations without pre-conditions. Under his leadership, Canada would be unequivocal in its support for Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, while working to ensure a fair and lasting solution for all parties in the region. A Canada under Pierre Lemieux’s leadership can always be counted on as a friend of Israel.”


Kevin O’Leary – Many of Kevin O’Leary’s opponents and many Conservatives have called O’Leary out as being better suited to running for the Liberal Party than the CPC. In the Feb. 13th debate in Quebec, O’Leary said “LBGTQI: done; marijuana: done; reproductive rights: 100 per cent. Get used to it. That is the definition of the Conservative Party going forward.” In an earlier interview, O’Leary endorsed the legalization of marijuana, said of assisted suicide that “we must have it in Canada”, and proudly claimed, “Anything to do with the happiness of individuals, the state has no right to be in your bedroom…I don’t care if you want to marry a goat. I am for it. I really am.”

. .

Lisa Raitt – Although opposed to assisted suicide, Raitt has a pro-abortion voting record. She also attended the 2016 Toronto Pride Parade. In early January, Ms. Raitt said, ““I think it’s a decision that is a tough decision for any woman to make, but I would never bring in legislation to make it illegal, ever.”.

Andrew Scheer – Scheer consistently votes in favour of legislation that would protect pre-born children, including Cassie and Molly’s Law. In an interview with Power and Politics shortly after entering the race he said, “My record has been consistent and I’m an authentic person, I am pro-life. I’ve always been consistent on that. But does that mean that the Prime Minister or the leader of our party should legislate on that when even our caucus isn’t united on that?” Although he will not personally bring forward abortion legislation, he has adamantly defended that his caucus would be free to table legislation on the matter and would allow a free vote as well.

Brad Trost – Brad Trost is a true social-conservative and has a perfect voting record on pro-life issues as well as other issues MYC follows closely. In an interview with ARPA Canada’s Lighthouse News Trost said that he is joining the race because, “I believe we need a conviction-based, broad-spectrum conservative.” He went on to say, “I don’t understand why Canada is the only democratic country in the world without an abortion law.” First elected in 2004, Trost has continued to prove his social-conservative values, attending March for Life, anti-euthanasia and pro-family events, and refusing to shy away from controversial subjects. He is very outspoken against Transgender bill C-16 & ‘Islamophobia’ motion M-103 and was the sole vote opposing bill C-309, a bill to establish a “Gender Equality week” in Canada, demonstrating that he is fearless when it comes to doing what he believes is right.


What You Can Do:


Although MYC is non-partisan, we recognize this as a significant opportunity to influence Canada’s abortion stance. Because of this, we are urging all of our members to buy a one-year membership to the CPC. It costs $15 and will give you the opportunity to vote in the leadership election on May 27th 2017. Memberships must be purchased before March 28th in order to vote in the election. 

Click here to purchase a one-year CPC Membership now



We encourage you to watch the leadership debates, get to know the different candidates, and follow the news on the race. We will be sure to keep you updated through the MYC National Updates. Please sign up here to receive our updates if you have not already. 

Click here to watch the Saskatoon, SK debate: Nov. 10th, 2016

Click here to watch the Moncton, NB debate: Dec. 6th, 2016

Click here to watch the Quebec City, QC debate: Jan. 17th, 2016



Please join us in praying for the leadership race in general and the pro-life candidates specifically. Brad Trost and Pierre Lemieux were in attendance at a Quebec debate on February 13th, but due to a “communications breakdown” between their campaigns and organizers were not allowed to debate. Let’s pray against any hindrances that would negatively affect the campaigns of these two candidates. 



This really is a unique opportunity to easily influence the nation in a BIG way and for the Church to act and be a voice for the voiceless. Please let your friends, family, pastor, and church know. Invite others to vote as well!



If you would like to help us get pro-life candidates across the nation elected into various levels of government, please contact us at, including your postal code. There is an urgent need for volunteers and we would be so grateful for your help.

You may also want to consider:

▪ Donating to the campaign of your preferred candidate
▪ Volunteering for the campaign of your preferred candidate