A Christian look at Canadian politics.

August 21st, 2018 – Conservative Policy Convention This Week – Call To Prayer

August 21st, 2018

On Thursday Conservatives from across Canada will gather in Halifax to elect the next national council for the party and to make vote on what policies the party will adopt. If the Conservatives win the 2019 federal election, these policies could become a part of Canada’s future.

Reports indicate that at least two of the policies will be dealing with the abortion issue.

Why should we care about a party’s policies? Plainly put: because policies, if passed into laws, will affect people. Policies affect the poor, the elderly, single moms, immigrants, the working class…all of us in some way.


Though policy conventions are lower profile than federal elections, the power they have to influence the future of our nation cannot be underestimated. Because of this we are calling for 3 days of prayer while this convention is happening. Please join us in prayer and fasting August 23-25th for Canada.

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