A Christian look at Canadian politics.

2019 Federal Election Debrief

November 1st, 2019
This week 4 MY Canada director, Faytene Grasseschi, sat in front of her
computer and gave some tangible and analytical insights on the federal
election. In this debriefs she breaks down:
▪some of what what was and continues to be at stake
▪what happened in the swing ridings
▪the good news, what we can learn from
▪what we can do going forward

Please take the time to watch the debrief below. Short version or full

Don’t have time to watch the video? Here are the summary points:

Going into this election it was common knowledge that the swing ridings, namely the Toronto area, would determine both the Prime Minister and power construct of Parliament (majority or minority).

50 swing ridings were targeted to help get winnable pro-life candidates elected.

If 980 volunteers signed up, those 50 ridings would have been profoundly impacted.

A minimum of 20,000 people were alerted to this strategy (e-lists, social media, television and face to face presentations).

Our of 20,000, 650 volunteered in campaigns.

This is a 3% response.

The good news is many of those were first time volunteers.

The bad news is 3% is far below the potential, and the tipping point.

The good news is that with only 3% converting into action, 15 ridings shifted and godly candidates were elected.

15 out of 50 of the swing ridings had great results directly impacted by strategic mobilization.

The bad news is 4 pro-life candidates lost by only a few hundred votes. 1-5 volunteers would have made the difference in those campaigns.

If 980 volunteers would have signed up, another 12 ridings likely would have shifted. Eliminate vote splitting, that goes up to 15 ridings.

That would have ensured that in 30 of the 50 swing ridings pro-life candidates won.

How would this have impacted Parliament?

It would have brought the Liberals + NDP down to 166 seats. With Green. 169.

This would have reduced the power construct of Parliament so that the Liberals-NDP vote would not be able to ram anything through, they would have to work win the CPC and Bloc. It would have created a check and balance on many of the issues we care about.

That means this strategy was spot on.

That means this network has the power to be the game changer for Canada.

We have not reached our tipping point as a national community of believers.

We can.

We are more awake than we were.

We can still be more awake in the future.

So: let’s encourage ourselves with the good progress but commit to going forward with strength and focus.


Click here to watch our election reflection communications sent out the night of the election where we discuss some of the things we can do from this point.