A Christian look at Canadian politics.

11.21.2017 – Nov. 21st, 2017 – Invitation: MYC’s Get in the Game Webinar this Saturday, November 25th, 3-5:30pm

Our much-loved Get in the Game Webinar is making a return this Saturday, November 25th. We are inviting you and all MYC members to be a part of this training to learn how to impact the political sphere in Canada towards godly values.

During this 2.5 hour crash course registrants will receive information on the following:

▪ Where Canada is at on key issues like freedom of speech, pornography, abortion, physician assisted suicide and more.
▪ Key moral bills, motions and issues that we can be a voice on right now.
▪ What the MOST impacting things that we can do are.
▪ How to communicate effectively with our elected officials.
▪ Where to start if you want to run for office.
▪ Things you can do to help a godly candidate get elected.
▪ More…[Click here to read the full article].