A Christian look at Canadian politics.

11.16.2017 – Nov. 16th, 2017 – Thank you!! An Update on MYC’s Parliamentary Delegation and Special Thanks For Your Support

Last week, MY Canada’s 17th delegation took to Parliament Hill in the nation’s capital to meet with Canadian MPs and Senators. Our mission was to thank and honour them for their hard work on behalf of Canadians, to share our hearts on a number of issues, and to ask them to work to advance godly legislation in the nation.

Some of the issues the team spoke to our leaders about this year include pornography, gender-selective abortion, informed consent for women considering abortion, the legalization of marijuana, government spending & national debt, freedom of conscience, religion and speech, and more.

In total, the team of 16 young adults had 57 sit-down meetings with Parliamentarians and hosted 25+ Members of Parliament plus staff at our parliamentary reception. It was a busy and impactful week!…[Click here to read the full article].