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11.05.14 – Nov. 5th – Prostitution Law Passes Through Senate, A Response From PM Harper, Sow Strategically Into Parliament & Consider Coming With Us To Cambodia

ProstitutionLawPassesOn Tuesday night (Nov. 4th), the Senate voted to pass Bill C-36 commonly referred to as the new “Prostitution Law.”

MP Joy Smith issued a press release this morning where she stated, “A truly progressive society encourages the equality and dignity of women, not the prostitution of women,” states MP Joy Smith. “I want to build a Canada that targets predators and pimps, helps vulnerable individuals escape prostitution, and upholds the dignity of women. We can do better for women and youth, and with the passing of Bill C-36, we will.” Click here to read her entire press release.

Thank you so much for your support of this legislation. It made a difference. The bill is expected to receive Royal Assent shortly….[click here to read full article]…