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08.26.2017 – Aug. 26th, 2017 – Fighting to Save Lives & Facing More Prison Time for it: Mary Wagner Needs Our Help.

Pro-life advocate Mary Wagner has spent 5 years in jail and is facing up to 18 months more for her efforts to counsel women to choose life for their pre-born babies.

Ms. Wagner was arrested at the Bloor West Village Women’s Clinic on December 12th, 2016. Earlier this month, Justice Eric N. Libman found Ms. Wagner guilty of mischief and breach of probation.

Sentencing will take place on September 12th but in the meantime, Justice Libman has said he would accept character references to take into consideration in his decision.

Mary Wagner Needs our Help

Wagner is seeking the help of fellow pro-life Canadians in submitting reference letters on her behalf…[Click here to read the full article].