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08.08.14 – International Abortion Conference Taking Place in PEI, US Begins Airstrike on Iraq & Update on Prostitution Legislation

IraqStrikesonISOn August 8th the US government began airstrikes on IS (formerly known as ISIS) who have been overtaking cities and regions in Iraq.

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Earlier in the summer IS took control of the city of Mosul. Its fighters have now seized Qaraqosh, Iraq’s biggest Christian town. Christians have been killed, forced to flee or forced to pay an Islamic tax if they did not agree to convert to Islam. Recently GOD TV released a special call to support persecuted Christians in Iraq. Please click here to read this call and get involved.

Please join us in praying for the situation in Iraq and supporting financially.

Please also join us in e-mailing the Prime Minister to ask him to do whatever he can to help defend persecuted Christians in Iraq at this time.

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