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06.26.14 – IMPORTANT: Consent Needed For Some Future MYC E-mails, City Council of Naniamo Bans Christians, MPs Home for the Summer & More!


MPSHomeforsummerParliament has taken break for the summer. This means that our Members of Parliament are home!

This is a perfect time for you to book an appointment to meet your MP, thank them for their service and share with them about the issues you care about. Not only is it fun, but it is fruitful. We encourage you to go for it!

Click here to find out who your MP is and get their information.

Hot Topics You Can Talk To Your MP About:  Freedom of Religion. Supporting the Prostitution legislation (Bill C-36). Resisting Euthanasia. Justin Trudeau’s stance to disallow pro-life candidates in the Liberal Caucus.….and anything else on your heart.

If you have any questions we would be happy to help. Simply e-mail admin@4mycanada.ca. …[Click here to read entire article.]…