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06.17.14 – 2 Announcements and A Word From Faytene Grasseschi (Our Director)

JusticeWallAnnounceA word from Faytene Grasseschi:

In 2007 we launched something called the Life Prayer Wall (24-7 Prayer Siege for Life) out of a vision I had at the National House of Prayer. In a visionary encounter while praying for Canada the Lord spoke clearly to my heart and said, “If the Church will pray 24-7 for the ending of abortion you will see it end in your generation, but if they don’t you won’t.”

The sense from the vision was that the core determining factor to whether or not we saw the ending of abortion in our generation was in the hands of the praying Church. If we as the Church did not pray, we would not see an ending to abortion, rather only a few small victories and a lot of tired activists….[click here to read full article]…