A Christian look at Canadian politics.

06.14.2017 – June 14th, 2017 – Important Update on Bill C-16: Final Senate Vote Tomorrow!

We have just heard that Bill C-16 is scheduled for third vote in the Senate tomorrow, June 15th. If the bill passes, it will go on to receive royal assent and become law in Canada, allowing biological males into women’s washrooms, making it discrimination to speak out against the transgender lifestyle, and even potentially forcing Canadians to use new, made-up pronouns when speaking to or about individuals who identify as “transgender”.

Here is what we can do in these final hours before the vote:

1) Pray:
Please join us in praying as Senators consider and prepare for tomorrow’s vote. Let’s pray that they would have wisdom and discernment from God and be led to vote against this bill…[Click here to read the full article].