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06.05.14 – Quebec Passes Doctor Assisted Suicide Bill – Sign The Petition to Repeal, and, Join Us In Prayer For Moncton

QuebecPassesAssistedSuicideYesterday, June 4th, the Quebec Provincial Government (the National Assembly) passed Bill 52, the doctor assisted suicide bill. The bill is the first of it’s kind to pass in Canada.

The concern with the bill is multifold. Other areas of the world who have gone this route (namely in western Europe) report an increasing level of doctor assisted suicides year by year. Reports suggests these types of bills have opened a pandora’s “death”-box.

Nations, such as Belgium, have taken laws so far as legalizing access to lethal injections for people with depression and to children. In Belgium reports have also shown that euthanasia has happened to people without request. The concern is that Quebec has opened the door to this same slippery slope with the passing of this legislation…[Click here to read full article.]…