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05.29.14 – Justin Trudeau Radical Pro-Choice Comments Spark Debate, Prime Minister Harper’s Maternal Health Plan & Our Team in Cambodia

TrudeauAbortionDebateA few weeks ago Liberal leader Justin Trudeau shocked many by declaring that anyone carrying pro-life convictions would not be welcomed as candidates in the Liberal Party. Since that time the issue has been exploding in the headlines of several news outlets.

Mr. Trudeau followed up his initial statements declaring that abortion was a Charter right and that his party (the Liberal Party) would resolutely defend the Charter. Finally, this past week when asked about the case of gendercide abortion Mr. Trudeau said he would indeed defend a woman’s right to choose abortion in all cases, including this one. (Gendercide is the killing of a baby in the womb because of it’s gender.)…[click here to read full update]…