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05.09.14 – 23,000 Canadians Gather At Parliament For Life – You Can Still Add Your Voice

MarchForLife2014Yesterday, Thursday May 8th, a reported 23,000 Canadians gathered at the Parliament of Canada to make a statement for life during the annual March for Life.

The gathering happened on the heels of a statement by Liberal Party Leader, Justin Trudeau, that he would not allow anyone who is pro-life to run as a candidate for the Liberal Party. The statement by Mr. Trudeau, along with an ambush by two topless protesters during one of the speeches, brought the march into the national news spotlight yesterday.

This means we have an incredible opportunity right now to be a voice for the cause of life while our leaders and the media’s attention is on this important issue.

If you could not attend the March for the Life in person yesterday we encourage you to take this opportunity to let our leaders know that you are standing with those who stood on Parliament Hill for life yesterday…[click here to read full article]…