A Christian look at Canadian politics.

04.25.2017 – Apr. 25th, 2017 – CPC Leadership Race: Final Debate Tomorrow in Toronto. Watch it live at 6PM ET

We are about to enter into the final month before the Conservative Party of Canada elects a new party leader on May 27th.

Many of our members responded to the urgent call to purchase a CPC membership in order to be able to vote for a righteous candidate. Thank you to everyone who took this important action to influence one of Canada’s primary political parties. Your vote makes a difference.

With just 5 weeks to go, here are a few reminders:

▪ Ballots will be mailed out on April 28th.
▪ You can vote for up to ten candidates in order of preference.
▪ Send ballots back in provided envelope with a copy of your photo ID.
▪ Ballots must be received by May 26th at 5pm.

WATCH TOMORROW’S DEBATE LIVE:…[Click here to read the full article].