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04.01.15 – MP James Lunney Make A Bold Move To Speak Freely About His Christian Faith In Parliament & Physician’s Freedom of Conscience Under Fire

JamesLunneyMoveYesterday MP James Lunney made a courageous move to become an independent MP in the House of Commons so that he can speak his Christian views openly without it creating any drama for the Conservative Party.

Lunney’s decision came after he made a personal statement on his twitter feed reflecting his beliefs. This statement triggered a flurry of hostile tweets back to Lunney.

In a statement explaining his decision to leave the Conservative Caucus Lunney explained, “My remarks [on Twitter] were inflated by media, blended with other unrelated but alleged heretical statements and became a top story on national media creating a firestorm of criticism and condemnation…Today I am announcing that I have asked the speaker to assign me a seat as an independent MP. [To read full article click here]