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12.02.14 – Highlighting 2 Important Issues: Rape / Gendercide and Get A Free PDF Book For Your Giving This Giving Tuesday

RapeandGendercideWhen our team was at Parliament a week and a half ago we learned of two noteworthy initiatives being pushed forward by Members of Parliament. The first is MP Rob Ander’s Private Member’s Bill (C-570) and the 2nd is MP Mark Warawa’s continued work in Parliament regarding the issue of gendercide.


Rob Ander’s bill C-570 will soon come to the House of Commons for it’s first hour of debate. This bill seeks to put the word “rape” back in the Criminal Code. Mr. Anders is also pushing for harsher sentences for those convicted of rape. The current system allows those convicted of multiple rape offenses to serve their sentences congruently. What this means practically is if a person is convicted of 3 rape offenses and sentenced to 5 years in prison for each instead of serving 15 years they could serve feasibly serve all 3 sentences congruently (serving 5 years in total as opposed to 15)….[click here to read full article]…