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02.06.15 – Breaking News: What You Can Do In Light of Today’s Supreme Court Ruling In Favour of Doctor Assisted Suicide

AssistedSuicideRulingIn a watershed decision the Supreme Court of Canada announced their ruling early today in Carter v. Canada which overturned the law prohibiting doctor assisted suicide in Canada. The ruling reversed the previous 1993 Supreme Court decision where the judges at the time concluded that it was the state’s responsibility to “protect the vulnerable.” Today they decided the opposite.

What does this mean practically?

It means that when the ruling takes effect it will be legal for Canadian doctors to help kill adults who are requesting to end their lives as long as they are deemed to be mentally competent and suffering intolerably (physically or psychologically). The parameters of what it means to be “mentally competent” or “suffering intolerably” is subjective…[click here to read full article]