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01.19.15 – New Video Release, Health Canada Delays Decision on Abortion Pill, Joy Smith Announces She Will Not Seek Re-Election & Fredericton Abortion Clinic Set To Re-Open

AbortionPillDebateIn 2014 we shared with you concerning the controversial abortion pill Mifepristone (also known as RU-486). This drug is used to abort a pregnancy in the first trimester by interfering with the hormones necessary to sustain life.

Mifepristone has been approved in 60 countries and is heraled by some as ‘safe and effective’ in spite of the fact that a study in 2011 by the US Food and Drug Administration reported otherwise. This study reported that there were 2200 adverse effects including: 14 US deaths, 58 ectopic pregnancy, 256 infections, and 339 incidents requiring transfusion. Additionally, this drug has the potential to dramatically increase the abortion rate in Canada through quick and easy access….[click here to read full article]…