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05.22.2016 – May 22nd, 2016 – We Need Your Help Calling Ottawa-Area Churches & Invitation to June 1st Rally on Parliament Hill

VOLUNTEERSOn Wed June 1st there will be an important rally at Parliament Hill to oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide at this critical time.

To help make this event as impacting as possible MY Canada is looking for volunteers to help with calling churches in the Ottawa and surrounding area to ensure they know about the rally.



Both the House of Commons and the Senate are in full motion studying, debating and preparing to vote on C-14 (the assisted suicide legislation). The final vote in the House of Commons could be any day. The following votes in the Senate (if it passes the House of Commons) will likely be shortly after. This rally is landing at a VERY critical time and it is important that we take a strong stand for life…[Click here to read entire article].

05.18.2016 – May 18th, 2016 – Update: The Senate Could Be the Game Changer for Assisted Suicide & Join Us At Parliament June 1st for Important Rally

SenateGameChangerCTV News reported yesterday that Senators are saying that they will NOT pass the assisted suicide legislation (C-14) by the June 6th deadline. This could be great news.

There will NOT be a legislative void:
If the bill is not passed by the June 6th deadline, it could signal that the Senate may be the game changer on this issue. A slower process means that more time will be given to look at the legislation critically and allow for important debate.

Some have raised the concern that if C-14 is not passed by June 6th it will leave a legislative void and mean “anything goes” for assisted suicide in Canada. This is not true. If Bill C-14 does not pass by June 6th then the Supreme Court ruling will stand which only allows assisted suicide for “consenting adults with unbearable pain”. These parameters are actually more restrictive than C-14…[Click here to read entire article.]

05.16.2016 – May 16th, 2016 – Report on a Successful March for Life and Update on Cassie and Molly’s Law Following First Hour of Debate in House of Commons

MarchforLife2016Last Thursday, the 19th annual March for Life took place in Ottawa. The event was hugely successful with an estimated 22,000 people in attendance, including a number of Members of Parliament, Senators and their families.

The primary focus was on the lack of any laws surrounding abortion in Canada with an added focus on the upcoming legislation on assisted suicide. Participants were also made aware of recent news that Canada will soon once again be funding abortions in developing countries.

This year’s overwhelming message, however, was one of encouragement for Canada’s pro-life movement as a whole to become even more politically active in the fight for the protection of our youngest, most vulnerable citizens and of the sick and elderly most at risk because of legalized assisted suicide…[Click here to read entire article].

05.11.2016 – May 11th, 2016 – Update on Assisted Suicide and Call for Continued Prayer and Fasting to See C-14 Defeated

rallyFirstly, we want to say a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the three-day fast May 7-9th to pray for the defeat of the assisted suicide bill (C-14). As we pray and fast we are filling the bowls of intercession in heaven on this issue and believe that God’s is hearing.

Though our Parliamentary sources expected the vote to potentially take place yesterday, May 10th, the final debate and vote has not yet happened. The bill is still in committee and expected to return to the floor of the House of Commons any day for this final vote.

The good news about this is that it gives us more time to pray, get the word out to our friends and family about the bill & to contact our MPs.

Please keep praying, sharing and contacting our leaders.

If C-14 passes the House of Commons, it will be debated and voted on in the Senate within the coming days/weeks.

All this means: we need to keep at it!… [Click HERE to read the entire article]

05.06.2016 – May 6th, 2016 – Urgent Update and National 3 Day Fast Call Regarding Assisted Suicide – Please Read and Share

fastDear Friends,

Yesterday our sources at Parliament told us that C-14, the assisted suicide legislation, will very likely reach final reading and vote in the House of Commons by May 10th. Time is running out for us to impact the House of Commons on this critical vote.


Because of the urgency of this matter we have felt compelled to call a 3 day fast from May 7-9th for the defeat of this assisted suicide legislation. In the past we have seen remarkable results as the church has prayed and fasted in moments like this. Prayer and fasting truly is a game changer that can save lives.

We are believing for the bill to be stopped in the House of Commons. If, however, the bill proceeds to the Senate then we will extend this prayer initiative by an on-going fasting chain where participants will choose one day a week to fast for the defeat of this bill in the Senate.

Lives are truly at stake in this defining moment for Canada.

Please join us in the 3 day fast to shift our nation on this issue. [Click HERE to read the entire article].

C-268 – Protection of Freedom of Conscience Act

Mark Warawa has tabled bill C-268, Protection of Freedom of Conscience Act which will protect medical professionals who are morally opposed to assisted suicide from having to participate in it.  More information will be posted on this legislation and how you can support it soon.

05.01.2016 – May 1st, 2016 – Chance to Submit Report on Bill C-14 to Justice Committee, Use EasyMailer to E-mail the Senate Committee on Assisted Suicide in Minutes!

CommitteeReport2The Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights is set to begin conducting an in-depth study on Bill C-14, the proposed legislation on assisted suicide, this Monday, May 2nd. This committee is chaired by MP Anthony Housefather, one of the targets of MYC’s MP-Calling Campaign.

The committee is inviting the public (YOU!) to write a brief report on the subject of Bill C-14 and submit it by this Monday, May 2nd. It is late notice, but we have only been made aware of this opportunity now.

This is your chance to formally present your opposition to assisted suicide to those who have the power to make amendments to the proposed legislation. Please try to make some time this weekend to take advantage of this opportunity…[Click here to read full article]

04.22.2016 – Apr. 22nd, 2016 – Assisted Suicide Campaign Making an Impact (Please Join In), Gendercide Exposed In Canada & Apply to Meet with Alberta’s Government Leaders with MYC

The Canadian Medical Association Journal recently published two heartbreaking studies that prove gendercide is occurring in Canada as there is a higher than normal ratio of male to female babies being born. The gender imbalance increases significantly if the family already has existing female children. Basically, the study proves that some families abort baby girls until they have their preferred son.

The report states that this most often occurs among women who were born in India and who may have been taught culturally to consider baby girls as having less value than baby boys. It is wonderful that there are laws preventing women from having gender-selection abortions in India. However, this law DOES NOT EXIST in Canada…[Click here to read entire article].

04.14.2016 – Apr. 14th, 2016 – Breaking News: Assisted Suicide Bill Tabled Today – The Good News, The Bad News & An Important Call to Action

Earlier today the Federal Government tabled Bill C-14 the much anticipated legislation on physician assisted suicide.

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada summarized the bill in this way, “The legislation would allow euthanasia and assisted suicide for persons who are 18 years or older, with a serious and incurable illness, disease or disability, in an advanced state of irreversible decline and for whom death is reasonably foreseeable.”

There is good news and bad news in this.


The good news is that the legislation did not apply some of the controversial recommendations of the Parliamentary committee such as access to assisted suicide for mature minors. Thank you to all of you who signed up to send postcards and wrote, called or visited your MPs regarding this issue. It is clear your efforts made a difference here….[Click here to read entire article.]


04.08. 2016 – Apr. 8th, 2016 – Important Short Update Video by Faytene Grasseschi on Assisted Suicide & New National Strategy – Please read, watch and share.

CallLeafOver the last weeks we have noticed that many Canadians are aware that “something” is happening with assisted suicide being made legal in Canada, but few are aware of the details.

To help, our National Director, Faytene Grasseschi, has just recorded a short video sharing a quick overview of where things are at right now and announcing an exciting new national strategy at this critical time.

Sending postcards and petitions are good but a personal contact is even MORE EFFECTIVE. Nothing replaces it. This is what MPs have consistently told us over the past weeks.

Because of this we are calling for every concerned Canadian to commit to calling 3 MPs one day a week from now until early June…(Click here to read entire article).

04.04.2016 – Apr. 5th, 2016 – Please Watch This Important Video On Assisted Suicide & Announcing New Petitions Page

ArpaInterviewInsightWhat kind of safeguards would you like to see put in place for assisted suicide in Canada?

Would you be okay allowing minors to have access to assisted suicide?

Are you okay with people suffering with depression qualifying for assisted suicide?

Should doctors and nurses be forced to participate in the process against their conscience?

These are some of the questions covered in this interview with Andre Schutten on Insight (with Paul Arthur).

Please take the time to watch this important and informative video regarding the forthcoming assisted suicide legislation and share it with your friends…(Click here to read the full article).

03.23.2016 – Mar. 23rd, 2016 – Budget 2016 Released Yesterday & Office of Religious Freedom Voted Down in House of Commons

OfficeOfReligousFreedomCanada’s Office of Religious Freedom (ORF) within Global Affairs Canada is set to close after a vote in the House of Commons Monday despite global recognition and success after being in commission just two years.

The Office of Religious Freedom opened on February 19, 2013 with the mandate to protect and advocate on behalf of religious minorities under threat, oppose religious hatred and intolerance, and promote Canadian values of pluralism and tolerance abroad.

Conservative MP Garnett Genuis put forth a motion on March 8th asking the Liberal government to acknowledge the good that the office has done and to consider renewing its mandate. The motion was voted down 226 to 90…[Click here to read the full article]


03.14.2016 – Mar. 14th, 2016 – MY Canada Delegation Insider Report

Josiah20162Thank you for your prayers and financial support of our 2016 delegation that just returned from Parliament to meet with over 70 Members of Parliament & Senators.

(Please click the link below and scroll down to see some photos from the week).

The week did not disappoint. Throughout the week we sat down in the offices of many new MPs from the Liberal and the Conservative caucus as well as a few from the NDP. In the meetings we were able to encourage our leaders to stand for righteousness on important issues that our nation is facing at this time and pray for many of them.

Following are some important pieces of information that we walked away from the week with. …[Click here to read the full article]

02.25.16 – Feb 25th, 2016 – Exciting New Bill Tabled In Parliament & Update On Assisted Suicide Postcards

CassieMollyLawA few times a Parliamentary session a bill is presented that is exception and deserves our enthusiastic support. One such bill was tabled in the House of Commons earlier this week.

It is Bill C-225 also known as “Cassie and Molly’s Law.”

C-225 was tabled by MP Cathay Wagantall and was inspired by the murder of Cassandra (Cassie) Kaake and her unborn child she was 7 months pregnant with when she was brutally killed.

The current criminal code in Canada recognizes the mother’s (Cassie’s) death as murder but does not recognize the death of her wanted baby daughter, Molly, who was also a victim in the crime….[Click here to read the full article]

02.13.16 – Feb 13th, 2016 – We Have A Problem – A good problem.

ProblemAssistedSuicideDear Friends,

Many of you will be aware that a few days ago we launched a strategic postcard campaign to fight assisted suicide. As Canadians, we have a limited amount of time to make our voices heard to Parliament on this crucial issue.

We have been blown away by the number of requests we have received from Canadians asking us to send postcards on their behalf.

Currently we have almost 60,000 postcards that are waiting to be sent and this number is growing by the hour as more people e-mail requesting to participate… (Click here to read the full article.)

02.10.16 – Jan 10th, 2016 – Announcing: Assisted Suicide Postcard Campaign – Contact The Committee Members, WE Do the Work For You

PostcardCampaign_AndreVidAll we need is your “yes” and we will send postcards to our Parliamentarians for you, for FREE.

If you don’t have time to read this whole e-mail, but want to be a voice for life when it comes to the issue of assisted suicide in Canada, simply hit “reply” (or e-mail and tell us that you want us to send postcards to Parliament on your behalf.

It is totally FREE. All we need is your “yes”, name and address (to put in the sender area) and it is done! (Click here to read the full article…)


04.05.16 – Feb 5th, 2016 – Please Take a Moment to E-mail MPS: Easy Mailer Tool

EasyMailerToolWhen it comes to the issue of assisted suicide in Canada we are living in tremendously important days. Today the committee which will give recommendations regarding the issue to Parliament will meet to discuss what those recommendations will be. This is a very an important time for us all to take action. 

ARPA Canada has created an “easy mailer” tool and are calling for at least 1,000 of these letters to be sent to the committee ASAP. We are joining forces with them to help make this happen.

Please take a moment to send a letter to the committee using this easy tool. It only takes a few minutes and, if we all do it, it will make a tremendous impact for “life” in Canada… [Click here to read the full article.]

02.04.16 – Feb 4th, 2016 – Molly Matters Campaign, Exciting National Film Tour (HUSH) & Transgenderism Continues to Fight for Canada

MollyMattersIn December of 2014 Cassandra Kaake, who was 31 years old and 7 month pregnant with her wanted baby, was found dead in a burned out Windsor home in December of last year.

Police have arrested 26-year-old Matthew Brush. He is facing first degree murder charges, breaking and entering charges and indecent interference with a dead body.

He is, however, facing no charges for the death of Cassandra’s wanted baby, Molly… [Click here to read the full article.]

01.22.16 – Jan 22nd, 2016 – Show The Love Of Jesus: How You Can Sponsor a Syrian Refugee & More

SyrianRefugeeSponsorIn response to the refugee crisis resulting from civil war in Syria, the Canadian government has promised to take in 25,000 Syrian refugees by February 2016, and hinted at bringing the total number to 50,000 in the coming months. This past week, Canada welcomed it’s 10,000th Syrian refugee. Many of these refugees have never had the joy of hearing the Gospel of Jesus which means that there is presently an amazing opportunity for the Church to demonstrate the love of Christ.

One way that you or your church can make a tremendous impact is to consider sponsoring refugees to come to Canada…[Click here to read the full article.]

01.19.16 – Parliamentary Committee On Assisted Suicide Has Begun, What You Can Do To Influence Them & Horrific Report: 216 Babies Born Live But Still Die After Failed Abortions

unnamed4 Month Extension Given To Parliament To Draft Assisted Suicide Legislation

Brief History:

In February 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down the current laws banning assisted suicide as unconstitutional and ruled that “mentally-competent Canadians with unbearable suffering” should be allowed to end their lives with the aid of a physician. The court gave Parliament one year to develop a new law…[To read full article, click here].